What is the latest Firmware for my Device

Do I have the latest firmware?

All our units, when shipped from our warehouse directly, have the latest software installed. 

Please note that firmware is only available upon request. Not all products have firmware updates or the ability to be updated. Others will require the device to be sent in for a flash update.  If you do not see a product listed, please open a ticket on our main support page: http://www.pvisupport.com

A member of our staff will reply within our business hours M-F 9:00 AM-5:30 PM EST

Please open a ticket using the "open a new ticket" link at the top corner of this page, as shown in this image

The following Products can support firmware updates: 


  • Vecaster Pro Series
  • Vecoder Series 
  • Veplayer Series Decoder 


Coax RF Modulators 

  • Minimod 2 
  • Mircomod 3 SDI 
  • Vecoax Network 



  • 4K Coax Modualtor 
  • HEVC Module HDMI/SDI
  • 4K HEVC Module 
  • HD H.264 Module 

VeCoax Pro Series 

Due to the custom-built design of these products, Firmware upgrades are not available. Firmware updates are destructive on these devices and require a Trained PVI Engineer here in our Facility to provide the update.