VuMatrix Smart Controller (2018) Factory Reset


VuMatrix Smart Controller

The Default Wifi Name for the Smart Controller is

And the password is  "PVI12345"


If you need to factory reset the unit

The reset procedure works as followed:

- Open the top cover and look for the switch labeled SW2
- Reset possible only in de-energized state
- Press and hold SW2 and switch on the power supply.
- after 2 seconds the LED lights up for approx. 15 seconds and then starts to flash.
- after the sixth flashing, the LED stops flashing, then lights again for 15 seconds and so on.
- During the blinking frequency, ie after about 20 seconds, the reset button can be released.

A reboot (off / on) is usually not necessary but can be done.

The unit will then default to the factory Wifi Name and Password.