VuMATRIX FX App – Backup/Restore Feature

How to backup settings configuration from the VuMatrix FX App on Iphone

VuMATRIX FX App – Backup/Restore Feature
Steps for Google Drive. Dropbox is same process.

Step 1: Enter the app’s menu, then select App Setting.

Step 2: Tap Back Up. You’ll see the “Backup File Created” message.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer and open iTunes.
Step 4: Click the iPhone icon to open your phone’s info page.

Step 5: On your phone’s info page in iTunes:
1) Click File Sharing
2) Click VuMATRIX FX Control
3) Click
4) Click Save, then save the file on your computer.

Step 6: Upload the file to Google Drive.

Step 7: Right-click on the file, then click Share.

Step 8: Set permissions to share with others, so that “Anyone with the link can view.”

The shareable link can now be used to restore, using the steps below.
To Restore a backup on your phone:
Step 1. Go to App Settings, then tap Restore.
Step 2: Paste the shareable URL from Google Drive into the field shown, then tap Load.
After a few seconds, your configuration is restored.