Network Switch Settings


Ethernet Switch Configuration

The following list includes all network switch configuration options that PVI

Engineers have come across so far. Look for these or similar options when configuring

your switch.

1. Enable IGMP Snooping

     a. Must be enabled

2. Enable IGMP Snooping on VLAN 1

     a. Must be enabled when all ports default to VLAN1

3. Filter/Drop unregistered Multicast traffic

     a. If not applied, the behavior of the switch will be to broadcast multicast packets if the switch           has no known destination for that packet.

     b. Must be enabled if found

4. Unregistered Multicast Flooding

     a. Must be disabled if found

5. Filter Unregistered Multicast (different wording than number 4 above)

     a. Must be enabled if found

6. Enable IGMP Query

7. Enable IGMP Query on VLAN1

8. Set IGMP Version to IGMP V2

     a. Must be set if found

9. Enable FASTLEAVE on port X

     a. This is optional. Should be enabled, if found

10. Enable FASTLEAVE for VLAN1

     a. This is optional. Should be enabled if found