VeCoax Minimod 2 Manual

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Minimod 2 Full Manual



1. It is recommended to test the device first on a test bench for your application before making it a permanent installation to your system so troubleshooting is easier.

2. Connect your included Power adapter the unit. Do not connect your HDMI source yet. 

3. Once the unit is powered on you will see the main menu.

4. First, Connect a short piece of coax cable to your TV’s tuner and the other end to the unit’s RF out.

5. On the unit press the enter button to enter the menu of the unit. The second option would be TV Standard.

6. Set your Standard you require. If you are unsure most newer TV’s 3 years and above accept both ATSC(over the air channel) and QAM(J.83B Digital Cable).

7. By default, the unit is set to QAM (J.83B Digital Cable) Mode with a Frequency of 783.000 MHz which is Channel 122. The TV will Scan for the Frequency and pick up the channel on Cable. It will display as channel 1.1 on the TV due to the Major,Minor settings in the Minimod 2 menu. 

8. Auto Scan for Digital Channels on your TV. Depending on your Location and Supported TV standards for your TV such as QAM (J.83B Digital Cable) or ATSC (Digital over the Air) will determine the Standard you need to set on the unit. Please Refer to Manual for more information. 

9. Once the channel is found it will display our PVI logo when no HDMI is connected to the unit.

10. We can use the Major/Minor channels on the unit’s settings to force change the channel number that is displayed & stored/referred to on your TV. By default, this is 1.1: Major 1, Minor 1. You may change this if you like to 122.1: Major 122, Minor 1. This will display and be stored as channel 122.1 on your TV.

11. Once we see our PVI logo on the Channel found on your TV, you may insert your HDMI source. Please ensure that your HDMI source such as a DVD player or DirecTV STB is set to a Fixed Resolution of 1080P or 720P.

12. Once you have inserted a valid HDMI Video Signal into the HDMI port > The On-air LED on the front will Stay steady lit.

13. You should now see the video playing on you Channel.

14.  If you wish to change the name of the channel that is displayed, you may do so under the Short name settings of the unit. 4-6 Characters max is allowed depending on your TV.

15. For Mutliple units you would follow the same procedure but it is required to assign the units with their own freqnecies which is further explained in the manual.