Using HD Homerun with your products

How to use Silicon Dust HD Homerun system with our Products

Silicon dust has a wide range of set-top boxes tuners to convert Over The Air or Digital Cable Coax into an IPTV stream platform that can integrate with any smart Device. In this guide, we will cover how to properly add your Digital channels from our Coax Modulators into their system. 


In this guide, we will be using the Flex 4k Model. We will only be covering the basics. Please refer to the user manual for a complete guide on using their products. 


We must start by making sure our Coax modulators are set up correctly. We will use the Minimod 2 for this example. This unit is using the default settings for the QAM Cable channel. However, if you have Multiple units, ensure that each unit has its own Frequency and Major channel number. Please refer to the Minimod 2 user manual for changing this. Minimod 2 Manual


From the Silicon Dust website, Go to support > Instructions


Once the page loads click on instructions

A new page will open showing you the available devices. Click on one of these devices 


By clicking on one of these devices it will open up the menu to program that device. 

Click on Channel Line up

From this menu, select to scan for Cable or Air 

For our example setup, we will select cable and hit detect channels. It will begin to do a channel search for programs. If your Coax modulator is set up for ATSC then you would scan for Antenna

Once the programming is complete and your channel is found then proceed to open up the HDHome run App on your smart device. 

It will be required that you quit the app completely and restart it each time the channel programming is done otherwise the channel might not work correctly or show a black screen. 


Once the app loads, you will see your coax channel. If it does not load, close the app and reopen the app or click on the channel menu and cycle the channel.