Using Akamai/Wowza with Vecaster / Vecoder

Using Akamai/Wowza with Vecaster / Vecoder

To use Akamai/Wowza with the Vecaster or Vecoder RTMP stream you can do the following. 

Enter into Wowza Streaming Service and add a new Live Stream or you can use an existing one. 

Please refer to Wowza Streaming Service documentation if you unfamiliar with adding a new live stream. 



These steps go in the same order as the Wowza Streaming services setup.  


1. Name your source and then select the Server you wish to use on Wowza

2. Select "Other RTMP" as the stream source 

Select Push for the RTMP Type and then checkmark "Push to a stream source"

Enable the other options you wish for your application on Wowza

3. Select the options for your application 

4. Select the options for your application 

5. Review your settings to ensure you are happy with your Wowza live stream hit the green finished button at the bottom. 

Once complete you will be greeted with an overview page for the live stream. 


Under "Source Connection Information"

you will find the data required to enter into our encoder. 


The format they provide should look like this: 


Primary Server: rtmp://

Backup Server: rtmp://

Host Port: 1935

Stream Name: 88881a6a@337722

Source Username: 487774

Source Password: 990011


To make it work with our Encoder you will need to combine this information into one URL.


Example :

The synax goes as followed: 

rtmp://<Username>:<Password>@<Primary Server IP>/<Stream Name>

Fill in the information where <> is provided



rtmp://487774:<Password>@<Primary Server IP>/<Stream Name>



rtmp://<Username>:990011@<Primary Server IP>/<Stream Name>


Primary Server IP (Do not include the RTMP of this IP url) 

rtmp://<Username>:<Password><Stream Name>


Stream Name: 

rtmp://<Username>:<Password>@<Primary Server IP>/88881a6a@337722



When all combine would look something like this: 



Copy this URL into the Vecaster/Vecoder RTMP Push URL under the Mainstream and hit apply. 


It can take up to 15 seconds to connect to Wowza Injection servers before showing connected on the Status page of the Encoder. Once you verify that the encoder shows (Connected) you can move over to Wowza Streaming Service to start your live stream. 

Wowza will not display a thumbnail of the stream until you start the live stream. Once the live stream is started it can take up to 15 seconds or more before the preview is available. 





Note: This guide is created to work with Akamai/Wowza streaming service using their guides and information. Please refer to Akamai/Wowza Support for any issues dealing with the Wowza Streaming service. Provideoinstruments does not provide tech support for third-party applications.