Streaming to Twitch TV

How to Stream using RTMP to Twitch TV

Using our Vecaster/Vecoder units we can stream your HDMI directly to Twitch TV. 


Enable RTMP Push format on your Encoder. The look of the menu may vary depending on your model. 

Mainstream > RTMP Push > Enable 

RTMP does not support h.265. If you have our h.265 HEVC model, please change the encoding type to h.264 or use the substream in h.264 mode. - Please refer to the User Manual. 

Find your local ingest Server for Twitch for the best results. -

Copy the RTMP Stream URL from the suggested Server for your location. 

For this example we use will Miami, FL



Proceed to login to your Twitch TV account.


There is a Navigation panel on the left side of the page.

Preferences > Channel 

Under this menu, you will find your "Primary Stream Key"


We now have all the data available to make the Encoder broadcast to Twitch TV. 

Combine the URL and Stream Key  

To make it work with our Encoder you will need to combine this information into one URL.


Server URL:rtmp://{stream_key}

Stream Key:live_123456

The Server URL remove the "{stream key}"

Combined: rtmp://


Copy the Combined URL into the Vecaster\Vecoder  

The default value. Delete the default information in the text field.

Paste the new Combine URL into the Text Field. 

Once entered hit the Setup Button. 

Please note it can take up to 30 seconds before Twitch TV will show the Live preview of the stream under "Stream Manager"



Note: This guide is created as a general overview of using RTMP with Twitch TV. Please refer to your streaming service support for any issues dealing with the streaming service. Provideoinstruments does not provide tech support for third-party applications.