Streaming to a Facebook Group/Page

How to stream to your business page or private group.

Recently Facebook introduced a new way to live stream on business pages or private groups. They introduced the Creator Studio and many new features to better support the message for your business or local private group. 


With these changes, the instructions for live broadcasting to your page have changed slightly.


Here are the steps required to broadcast the video feed from our VeCaster/VeCoder to Facebook Live. Please note that your Vecaster must be connected through your router, not your PC, and configured correctly to access the internet. How to provide Internet Access to my Device

To Stream to Facebook Live, we must enable the RTMP PUSH format on the Vecaster/Vecoder.


Enable RTMP(s) Push format on your Encoder. The look of the menu may vary depending on your model. 

Mainstream > RTMP(s) Push > Enable 

RTMP does not support h.265. If you have our h.265 HEVC model, please change the encoding type to h.264 or use the substream in h.264 mode. - Please refer to the User Manual. 

Once we have enabled the RTMP Push URL on your Encoder, proceed to Facebook.


On the main screen of your business page, go to the manage page section


Click on publishing tools 

Under Publishing tools select Creator Studio 

If it's your first time opening Creator Studio you will be greeted with the intro tutorial 

Once you complete the exploring tutorial, each interaction with the creator studio will bring you to this home page

At the top left corner of the page is a green Create New button. 


Click the Create New button and select the Go live option 

If you have ever used Facebook live before you will be greeted with a familiar layout. 

Ensure that Persistent stream key option is enabled 

Another good option to disable is found under the settings menu of the live stream. 

Make sure "End live video if stream stops" is turned off in case you have a poor connection with Facebook server. With this option enabled if there is a connection issue, Facebook automatically ends the live stream which creates a hassle for the users and creator. 

Another cool feature is embedded live video code to add to your website. Click "Get Embed code," to get the HTML code to add to your website or blog


Facebook will provide you a URL and a Stream Key 

The following information is an example and the user should refer to your Facebook account for the following information. 

Server URL: rtmps://

Stream Key: 219212059317004?s_bl=1&s_ps=1&s_sw=0


With the following information provided by Facebook, we can apply it to our Vecaster/Vecoder Unit. 

Our Unit requires that you combine the Server URL and the Stream Key





Copy the Combined URL into the Vecaster\Vecoder  

The default value. Delete the default information in the text field.

Paste the new Combine URL into the Text Field. 

Once entered hit the Setup Button. 

Please note it can take up to 30 seconds before Facebook will show the Live preview of the stream.