RTMP publish URL not connected

IPTV Encoder not connecting to RTMP Service

There can be some cases where your IPTV encoder such as the Vecaster or Vecoder has trouble connecting to your RTMP Server you are trying to broadcast too. 


In this case, there are a few things to verify. 


1. Does the Encoder have access to the internet via a router? 

2. Verify that the encoder is broadcasting by checking the stream locally on VLC or any IPTV decoder that can view the stream. 

3. Verify that the RTMP address is entered correctly and there are no typos. 

Verify you are using the correct RTMP format by following our RTMP guides here:


4.If the RTMP Service provides a backup server URL such as in Youtube for example 

5. Ensure your ISP firewall or local network firewall isn't blocking access to your RTMP service. The default port used by RTMP is 1935

6. If you still are having trouble you can contact our Tech support or the Tech support for your RTMP service for further assistance.