Reducing Latency with VLC

How do I reduce latency when watching Streams on VLC?

VLC automatically has a default cache buffer to help smooth out video streaming so older hardware can decode and process the video in a more manageable chunk. This of course increases the latency when watching network streams. 


To reduce this is simple. 


In VLC when opening a network stream there is a "more options" checkbox.

Click this button to open the advance menu for the network streaming options.


Change the caching to 200ms. This will only prebuffer 200ms of data before displaying the stream. The lower the cache the less latency there will be at the cost of potentially making the stream buffer or become less smooth. If your hardware can handle the video data as fast as possible you can reduce it to under 100ms. You are more than welcome to try out different ranges of caching to see what works best for your application and hardware


Your total latency will be Network latency + video processing + cache buffer.