Power Supply broken stopped working

Power Supply broken stopped working

Power Supplies devices are subject to the AC supply including power surges and other damaging events.

For this reason None of the power supplies are covered by warranty in full.

We offer a partial warranty to exchange your actual eternal power supply to a new one for a fee of $50 per each unit plus 20 dollars for USPS Shipping for the US country.

Any request from outside the US Country requires your UPS / FEDEX / DHL account to ship with.

There is no need to return your power supply.

To order your power supply, make a payment of 50 dollars per each power supply you need PLUS 20 DOLLARS if you are in the USA, to paypal@provideoinstruments.com 

Open a Ticket with your paypal payment number, and add a picture of your actual power supply so we can READ the specifications on it, and the model of your equipment.

Ticket for this request without payment will not be processed.

You Can also find a similar power supply in any local Best-Buy / Radio Shack / Home Depot or Amazon