Play Vecaster/Vecoder Streams in Browser

Vecaster/Vecoder video stream in browser

Your device has the option to play the stream coming from your Vecaster or Vecoder. This will also depend on the software version of your browser & performance of your computer hardware. Please ensure you are up to date and without issues before you begin. 

HLS has limited support for h.265. If you have our h.265 HEVC model, please change the encoding type to h.264 or use the substream in h.264 mode. - Please refer to the User Manual. 


Using HLS format and playing in the browser. 

Depending on the browser, using these instructions will allow you to play the HLS format from the Vecaster or Vecoder directly in the browser for local viewing. 


We must enable the HLS format on the unit first: 



Under the status page for your unit, it will display the URL. Copy and paste the URL into your browser. 


The URL is as followed in this example:

    • Copy the address into your browser.

The browser will automatically load the video and play if the extension is installed. 

To play over the internet you will be required to set up port forwarding on your network to convert the External requests from the internet and point them to the correct location or IP address of the vecaster. Please consult your network administrator or User manual of your Router for NAT port forwarding. 


External IP will get converted to the internal IP of for example. 

to play the HLS Stream then on the External network, a user must enter in the browser the external IP /0.m3u8



Your router if set-up correctly will convert that external IP (HTTP:// to the Internal Vecaster IP request (HTTP://





HTML 5 Video Player


  • This requires the latest Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as it uses HTML 5 

  • Below attached is the Demo HTML Video player. Right click on the link to save it

  • You will need to modify the IP address that the HTML player points to. By default, it's set to the default IP for the Vecaster. for local streaming

  • You can use any HTML editor or Notepad ++ 

Line 60 of the HTML file contains the string for the Video player IP address it points to:

  • <source type="application/x-mpegURL" src="">Change the SRC IP to match your device. 

  • Save the file.

  • You can double click on the HTML file which your default browser will open and prompt you with a player window.

  • Click on the play button to test if the video will load from the Vecaster/Vocoder. 
  • Please note that the video format depending on the model must be H.264 and no larger than 8 MB. These are requirements set by Apple Inc. who developed this format. 
  • This file can be hosted on a website but requires the Vecaster to be port forwarded corrected on the network for users to access the stream. Please consult your network administrator for NAT Port forwarding.