Connecting Vecaster/Vecoder to local Router for Internet access

Configure your Vecaster/vecoder to work on your local network through your router and provide the device access to the Internet for Live Streaming services.

This guide is a breif generic overview of router IP assignment. It is highly recommend to consult your I.T. or Network provider for assistance. Cosult your router Manual if required. 

In order for the Vecaster or Vecoder devices to stream to third party services such has Facebook live or Youtube live, it requires Internet access. To provide this internet access the device you must configure the device IP address to be in the same range as your local network and be connected to your Router.


What is DHCP?

Every Router automatacilly assigns each device connected to it a IP address that is in the range set from the router. This is called DHCP. 

Example: LAN IP range -

Every device that connects will be provided a assigned temporary IP within that range automacailly 

PC 1 -

PC 2 -

Iphone 1 -

Andriod 1 -

Smart TV -


Not all routers have the same IP address range but we must understand what this range is in order to program the Vecaster/Vecoders IP address to work wit the local Network when connected directly to the Router. At this time you might be asking "how do you find the IP address range?"


A quick way to find the range without login into the router is to use your local PC, Mac, or Moblie Device. Your local Device connected to the router will have a IP address already assigned and a gateway. We can use this information to find the range for example PC 2 was assigned with a gateway of 

We can assume that the Routers range is then 192.168.0.X range based from the gateway.  

How to find your router IP address on Windows

1. Type in Control Panel in your search bar and click on the Control Panel icon;

Click on the control panel

2. Click View network status and tasks under Network and Internet;

View network status

3. Click on your Wi-Fi name, which you should see next to Connections;

Click on your WiFi

4. A new window will pop up. Click on Details;

Click on details to see your IP address

5. You should see your public IP address under IPv4 Default Gateway.

Click on details to see your IP address

Or you can use the Command Prompt:

1. Type CMD in your search bar and select Command Prompt;

Type 'CMD' to find the Command Prompt

2. Type ipconfig;

Type 'ipconfig' into the Command Prompt

3. You should see your router’s IP under Default Gateway.

Find your router's IP in Command Prompt

How to find your router IP address on Android

1. Go to Settings and tap Network & internet;

Find your Network and Internet settings

2. Tap on Wi-Fi. Find the network you are connected to and tap and hold on it or click on the settings icon to manage its settings;

Tap and hold on the network you're connected to

3. Tap on the Advanced dropdown. If it offers you options for Static or Dynamic IPs, select Static;

Tap on 'Advanced' to see your router's IP

4. Either way, you should now see your router’s IP under Gateway.

'Gateway' will display your router's IP

How to find your router IP Address on Mac OS X

1. Click on the Apple icon at the top of your screen and go to System Preferences;

Open 'System Preferences'

2. Select Network;

Find the Network tab

3. On the left hand side you should see the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. Select it and click Advanced;

Click on 'Advanced' to see your router's IP

4. Select the TCP/IP tab. You should see your router’s IP under Router.

Select the TCP/IP tab and check the Router field

How to find your router IP Address on iPhone and iPad

  1. Go to Settings and then Wi-Fi;
  2. Tap on the Wi-Fi you are connected to;
  3. Here you can see your public IP address is under Router.

How to find your router IP address on Linux

  1. Click on the network icon in the notification area;
  2. Select Connection Information or Network Settings;
  3. You should find your IP address next to Default Router or Gateway.


Setting your IP address on your Vecaster/Vecoder 

Once we have the Routers IP address range we can proceed to the Vecaster/ Vecoder configuration. Firsy we  must be connected directly to the device using your PC or Laptop in order to configure the IP address. To do this we must set up a static IP address on your PC/Laptop same as done during the initial setup. 

Connecting to the Units


These steps walk you through setting a Windows PC to a Static IP address, to allow an Ethernet connection with the unit on its default IP address of

  1. Connect your PC to the Network Port of the VeCOAX unit via Ethernet cable.
  2. On your PC, in the Control Panel, open Network and Sharing Center (Network and Internet for Windows 8 and above)
  3. Once you have Network and Sharing Center open, click on "Change adapter settings."
  4. Right Click on your Local Ethernet connection and click on "Properties."
  5. Once the Ethernet Properties are open click on, "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)," and click on, "Properties."
  6. In the Properties, select "Use the following IP address" and set the static IP:
  7. Click OK. 


These steps walk you through setting a Mac running OS X to a Static IP address, to allow an Ethernet connection with the unit on its default IP address of

  1. Connect your Mac to the Network Port of the VeCOAX unit via Ethernet cable.
  2. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences, then select network.
  3. Select Ethernet.
  4. From the Configure IPv4 menu, select Manually.
  5. Enter the IP address
  6. Enter the Subnet Mask
  7. It is not necessary to enter DNS or Router.
  8. Click Apply.


You are now ready to connect.


Connecting to the VeCaster


The factory network settings of the Network port are as followed:

The Vecoder default IP are slightly different than the Vecaster. Please see the Vecoder Manual for the Default IPs

IP address




To connect to the Web interface, we must first connect directly to the Network port on the back of the unit using an Ethernet patch cable CAT5e/CAT6 or higher.

Logging into Web GUI interface

If you can ping the unit successfully, then we can proceed to open your web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.


In the address bar, enter the default IP of the unit: and hit enter.

The login page prompt appears for the Web interface.

Default Username: admin                 Default Password: admin



Setting IP Address on Vecaster/Vecoder

Once logged in, under the navigation bar at the bottom of the web interface click on Network.

For the Vecoder series this can be found under system.

Under Internet Access we can change the IP address of the Device. In our example we will use the Router range of - and our gateway was Change the current IP and Gateway to be the same range as your local router you wish the device to be connected too. Please do not use the settings shown here and refer to your routers range to enter into the device. 

In our example we will change the Default IP from to 

We will need to change the gateway as well from to which matches what the routers gateway is. In some rare cases its required to change the DNS settings as well. 

We would simple change the DNS2 to match the new Gateway IP. 


Verify everything is entered correctly. Apply the changes by hitting Setup and reboot the device. After the reboot you can connect the Vecaster/Vecoder to once of your available ports on your Local network and using Wifi access you can connect to the new IP address as before. If all works correctly then you show be prompted with the login screen for the Web interface as normal. 

Your device now has internet access to stream to Third party services. 


Remember to change your PC static IP back to Auto so that your router may provide your PC with a Assgined IP again for internet acccess as well as access to the Unit.