Injecting into Cable Service Providers Box

Injecting into Cable Service Providers Box

You can contact your local service provider of your basic cable to find the frequencies that they use and fine the ones that are available for you to use.

If you wish to inject into a Digital Cable Converter box or STB (set-top box) most of the time the service provider will include a channel you may broadcast onto or some providers require a specific PID’s to be set which can be set in the ADVANCE MENU in order for the Set to box to be able to read the channel. A Engineer from your Service provide should give you this information.


Note: Verify if support for an HD encrypted digital signal to their set top box is supported or what their requirements are for cable service injection.

For us to have the HDCP support our signal must be encrypted. Most of the time cable injection services are analog coax signals or unencrypted signal from a non-supported HDMI Modulator such as ATX or QF5000 series modulators.  The Cable set top box then takes care of the encryption for the HMDI out to the TV.

Also Note that some service providers only support SD video for the channel insertion and not HD video insertion 



For Example with the provided information from your Service Provider:




Channel 100 is open

That is 651.000Mhz

Then they will use a VCT(major & minor)

23.2 - Their set to box will see this as channel 232 


Incription information - PID's

Service ID - 12

TS ID - 1

PMT - 80

Video PID - 50

Audio PID - 51

PCR - 50 - Must be same as Video


 (NOTE: Some Locations, Charter Spectrum does not support signal injection. Please consult your service provider for your area.)