How to set a static IP for Vecaster / Vecoder

How to set a static IP for Vecaster / Vecoder


How to set a Static IP on Vecaster/Vecoder


To set a static Ip on your unit please go to the network settings under the system tab of the unit as shown below

To set a static IP please change the default IP: to a new IP address you wish. Hit set up to save the changes and restart the unit. Test the new Ip address directly connected to the unit to ensure you are able to connect to it. Please note that you must set your PC to a new static IP as well to match the same range as the new IP on the unit you just set such as :

New IP of Unit :

New PC Static IP :


If you are moving the unit over to your network that has DCHP then you must follow the DHCP Range that Your router provides you. You can find this range on the settings of your router.

Also, you must not set the IP address to something that is already assigned.

For example:

Router DCHP Range: –

PC 1 – Set to

PC 2 – Set to

Fire TV – Set to


We can set the Vecaster to because that is available and not in use.


Note: Please ensure that you reset your PC’s static IP address back to the Auto mode when not directly connected to the unit so that you can connect back to your local network.


For more information on Networking and DHCP please refer to your Network/router manual or Very helpful guides that can be found online.



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