Combining with external ATSC signals

or Combining ATSC (Over the Air channels) you must find the frequencies that are used by your local stations.

This information can usually be found online by searching for, “(insert your local area) ATSC frequency chart.”

This will give you a nice table that shows all the Frequencies used in your area.

Find the ones that are not used and write those down. Set your device(s) to those unused frequencies. Test using your Test TV.


Note: For installers, it is recommended but not necessary to use a Spectrum analyzer to see the spectrum available to you to make the installation easier. This does not require an expensive unit to do this. Any Spectrum tester to view the available frequencies will help you in the process.


link to ATSC database


and look for your location and it will list the physical channel that are already in une on the left column "physical channel"