Change VeCOAX PRO Software and standard

Change VeCOAX PRO Software and standard

To change the standard it is necessary to follow the attached procedure and use an ALTERA JTAG Cable

Should you decide to proceed, please reply to this ticket with the following :

1) Picture of the REAR PANEL of the current machine

2) Picture of the WELCOME WEB SCREEN of the current machine

3) Standard you need ( ATSC / QAM / DVBT / DVBC / ISDBT )

IMPORTANT : Although there should be not risks involved in the procedure,
You understand that doing an incorrect procedure might cause the equipment
not to work.  PVI cannot be responsible for any issue nor the time to restore the
proper operation.  Warranty does not cover this type or operation so should
the tech support exceed 30 minutes, we might require a contribution fee to
provide additional support, should this be needed.
Older units with older chipsets might not work properly with the newest software
and features, or not all the features might be available.
In No Case PVI offers tech support to configure the PC to run the Altera Software
TeamViewer sessions are not offered for this special operations unless purchased apart
Before you proceed, please read the pdf here attached and agree with these conditions
Open a Ticket or Reply to the ticket to proceed, so we will send you the needed files and software

Please let us know how can we help

Thank you

Best Regards
PVI Tech Support