Powering Up Hardware Powered Down Due to COVID Shutdown - How to Properly Power Back Up

You have powered down your building/rack/hardware and you are reopening and powering back up after shutdown. The following is RECOMMENDED.

It is HIGHLY advised that you unplug PVI hardware PRIOR to striking the power to your component hardware/the building. Surge can happen due to the flux in the initial load. UNPLUG PVI hardware EVEN IF PLUGGED INTO A CONDITIONER. Let the power come back up and level. You may plug your hardware back in AFTER the power has leveled after the initial surge in the strike. Not doing so could damage your hardware and make it inoperable. 

Furthermore, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that ALL VITAL COMPONENTS are plugged into some sort of UPC/Power Conditioner and Surge Protection. This is of course only a precaution and DOES NOT guarantee protection to your hardware